Second Presbyterian Church / Little Rock

Salary:  $50,000 – $60,000
Closing:  November 23

Summary:   The Business Administrator serves as an enabler for the Church’s programs and plans, and as a member of the Program Staff. The Business Administrator manages the finances and business affairs of the Church, and coordinates that management through consultation with the affected Ministries of the Church.  The Business Administrator is accountable to the Pastor as head of staff and to the Session.  The Administrator works directly with various individuals/groups such as the Stewardship Ministry, Personnel Committee, Treasurer, the Endowment Committee, the Clerk of Session, and other staff for the purpose of obtaining and sharing of information that might be useful in conducting the business affairs of the church.

Description:  The Business Administrator oversees the operations of the Church office, and organizes and directs the work of the Support Staff and/or volunteer office personnel in areas of Property Management, Personnel, Budgeting, Accounting and Finance, and Program Coordination, including: BUDGETING, ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE:  1. Developing the annual operating budget in coordination with the Pastor and Ministry chairpersons.  2. Periodically analyzing actual and projected revenues and expenses and variances with the budget.  3. Providing staff support for periodic fund-raising activities.  4. Supervising all aspects of the finances of the Church, including handling all funds received and disbursed, accounting for the funds, preparation of budget and financial reports and working documents for committees, preparation of accounting records, payroll records, other specialized funding, financial forecasting.  5. Meeting with, and reporting on the activities of budget, finance and endowment committees.  6. Overseeing contract responsibilities and/or commitments.  7. Supervising the maintenance of Church membership, contribution and administrative records.  8. Approving all check requests, bill payments and applications for establishing credit accounts.  9. Providing necessary support for an annual review of Church finances.  10. Counseling with Church leadership in financial and budget matters.   PERSONNEL:  1. Establishing and managing all payroll and employee benefits, and performing or overseeing all related reporting activities.  2. Counseling with the Personnel Committee and with Church leaders on matters related to the Support Staff, including compensation and benefits.  3. In coordination with the pastoral staff,  a) managing, hiring, training, assigning, supervising and discharging support personnel; and b) planning and implementing programs for continuing education and professional development of staff.   PROGRAM COORDINATION:  1. Coordinating and implementing policies related to scheduling and utilization of facilities.   2. Serving as the public relations contact person with groups outside the Church.   3. Assisting major program groups to provide a clear linkage between program and administration.   4. Acquiring and applying a thorough knowledge of the denomination and the relationship between the local church and its governing bodies.  PROPERTY MANAGEMENT:  1. Supervising the activities of the Facilities Manager and his/her staff.  2. Managing the calendar for use of Church facilities.  3. Maintaining appropriate property and casualty insurance for the Church’s property.

Requirements:   A degree in accounting and/or comprehensive financial experience, including budget oversight.  Experience in supervising staff and administering human resource plans.  Exceptional interpersonal skills required to deal with church members, clergy and staff.  Information system knowledge and proficiency required to maintain the books and records of the church and oversee the church’s hardware and software resources.  Prior experience in contract administration with vendors would be helpful.  Prior experience in church administration or the non-profit arena would be helpful.  The applicant must embrace Christian values and the mission of the church.

To Apply, or for more information:   Send resume to





City of Maumelle / Maumelle

Salary:  $27,817- $34,772

Summary:  The City of Maumelle, AR is seeking a highly qualified and motivated individual to serve as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor.

Description:  Develop relationships with traditional media (television, radio and print), pitching local, regional and national outlets, and helping to generate media placements that convey key    messages ultimately achieving targeted measurable objectives.  Coordinate design and development of creative production and/or write content for a variety of communication vehicles, including press releases and other media materials, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, social media, web pages and others as assigned. Monitor and contribute to social media sites and blogs on behalf of Mayor and or City, seeking out influential bloggers and developing relationships, developing strategies, and tactics on how best to reach out to social media and users of social media.  Greets and provides general information to visitors; Supports and enhances the goals of the Mayor’s office; Handles sensitive and delicate public relations situations effectively and in a positive manner; Presents information and responds to questions from elected officials, department directors, the press, and citizens.

Requirements:  The successful candidate will possess a Bachelors Degree in journalism, public relations, communications or related field, plus 5 years related experience and/or training, and 2 years related management experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

To Apply, or for more information:  To apply for the position download the online application at the link below.  You may also contact the Maumelle Human Resources office by phone at 501-851-2784, ext. 242, or at the office location 550 Edgewood Drive, Suite 555 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday for an application or assistance.





Arkansas Coalition for Excellence / Little Rock

Job ID:  9001313

Posted:  October 28

Summary:  The Executive Director of the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence (ACE) is responsible for ACE’s overall organizational success by providing strategic, operational, ethical, and inspirational leadership consistent with the mission, values, board directions and policies, applicable laws and regulations, and contractual obligations of ACE.   The Executive Director is an executive leader who assesses and responds to the needs of members, staff, and the board; keeps a focus on the long term objectives of the organization; balances strategic and tactical responsibilities; and represents ACE with multiple constituencies in Arkansas  and nationally. Acting as one of the foremost nonprofit leaders in the state, the Executive Director ensures organizational excellence through assessment, transparency, collaboration, learning, creativity, communication, accountability and exceptional member service.

Description:  Leads the development, implementation, and assessment of business plans and strategies in partnership with the Board of Directors, staff, members, and stakeholders.   Identifies and monitors trends and emerging issues related to the nonprofit sector, assesses this information based on mission, strategic and annual plans, and brings stakeholders together to address them. Serves as ACE’s chief ambassador, representing members and the nonprofit sector within key networks.  Advances the development of the state nonprofit association network in the state, region and across the country through outreach, collaboration, and sharing.  Develops and maintains a positive relationship with members, stakeholders, staff, board and donors.  Seeks opportunities to strengthen the visibility and credibility of the organization before key audiences and stakeholders.  Promotes active and broad participation and collaboration by members and stakeholders in ACE’s work. Membership – The Executive Director understands the responsibilities of managing a membership organization as well as the varying needs of our member organizations and ensures that each member receives outstanding services on a consistent basis. The Executive Director actively supports building the membership base as well as building the value members find in belonging to ACE.  Regularly assesses member composition, needs and satisfaction.  Develops and implements annual membership development plans.  Communicates regularly and effectively with membership on issues of importance to members and the nonprofit sector.  Advocacy and Sector Voice – The Executive Director works actively with nonprofits, policymakers, philanthropy, government, business, media, and the public at large to advance public awareness and understanding of and support for the nonprofit community in Arkansas . The Executive Director builds coalitions, identifies alternatives, gathers input, testifies before legislative committees, and strengthens legislative options to support the nonprofit community.  Engages board and staff, members, government, private funders, and community stakeholders in regularly analyzing the nonprofit sector and member needs and trends.  Advocates for and represents ACE members and the nonprofit sector.  Promotes and directs ACE’s legislative, regulatory and public policy activitiesand positions the organization as a leader in the public policy arena.  Engages member organizations and the nonprofit sector generally in development and promotion of a public policy agenda.  Program Development – The Executive Director ensures that all the programs are of high quality, are consistent with ACE’s mission and strategic direction, and achieve their intended outcomes. The Executive Director regularly assesses the effectiveness of programs and looks for new opportunities to increase the capacity of nonprofits in Arkansas.  Regularly assesses program quality and effectiveness, and implements continuous improvement and growth strategies. Develops and implements operational plans for achieving annual program objectives for public policy, group buying, training / education and organizational development, research and communications, and other ACE initiatives.  Maintains receptivity to new program ideas and opportunities to improve association operations, programs and services, referring information to staff, committees, association and Board members for consideration and proper response.  Revenue Generation – The Executive Director maintains a consistent revenue stream to fund ACE’s activities and programs through both earned income and contributed sources.  Develops and executes annual earned revenue, entrepreneurial, private foundation, and other development plans and strategies that will enhance ACE’s viability and satisfy its financial obligations.   Cultivates positive and sustained relationships with local, state, and national foundations, corporations, and major funding partners.  Cultivates positive and sustained relationships with program partners that are aligned with the mission and future directions of the organization.  Assists the board in carrying out its revenue development responsibilities.  Financial Management – The Executive Director values strong internal operations, fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency, and ensures efficient, accurate, and consistent financial operations and practices.  Ensures that the day-to-day fiscal affairs of the organization, including cash management, expenditures, grants, and investments, are managed with the highest integrity with respect to fiduciary responsibilities, GAAP, and organizational policy.  Assists the board in preparation of the annual budget (including revisions).   Assists the board and contractors in performance of the annual audit.  Adequately and properly informs the board, in collaboration with Treasurer, Chair and appropriate committees, of the organization’s fiscal health and current as well as foreseeable conditions.  Assists and advises the Treasurer and the Finance Committee in reporting, analysis, planning and control functions.   Staff Development – The Executive Director has overall responsibility for building and leading a dynamic and cohesive team, and developing staff members to their highest potential. The Executive Director serves as a model for other nonprofit leaders on building and motivating effective staff teams in the sector.  Maintains a positive and healthy workplace environment or climate that attracts, retains and motivates top quality people, both professional and volunteer.  Hires, assigns, supervises, delegates to, evaluates and terminates staff in accordance with organizational policies and applicable laws.   Develops organizational structure, job descriptions, assignments, and supervisory and evaluative procedures that will effectively and efficiently pursue mission within available resources.   Promotes the professional knowledge and skill development of employees conducive to pursuing mission and strategic goals.   Determines salary and wages for employees within board approved policies and budget.  Board Relations – The Executive Director works closely with the board to fulfill its governance responsibilities. The Executive Director advises and educates board members, identifies new board members, communicates clearly and regularly with board members, and develops a close partnering relationship with board members.  Provides professional advice and guidance to the board on nonprofit sector and community issues and governance operations, program, policy, and development.  Provides appropriate staff support to board of directors, officers and committees.   Advises and consults with board and committee chairs on meeting agendas.  Ensures proper implementation of board policies.  Develops operational procedures in accordance with board policy, applicable laws, regulations and contractual obligations.  Works with the Board of Directors to identify priorities for Board member recruitment, identifies potential candidates, and assists with actual outreach and recruitment of new Board members.

To Apply, or for more information:





University of Arkansas / Fayetteville

Posting Number: 0601003

Description:  The marketing assistant will report directly to the Public Information Coordinator for University Recreation. The marketing assistant is responsible for the design and creation of flyers, banners, pamphlets, t-shirts and other promotional/marketing materials for each of the eight different UREC program areas. The marketing assistant will take photographs at University Recreation events as assigned.

Requirements:  Applicant must have basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.  Experience in graphic design and/or sports photography preferred.

To Apply, or for more information:





KATV 7 / Little Rock

Posted:  October 28

Description:  Works creatively with reporters and producers to package news stories for broadcast.  Records and logs satellite and other live news feeds.  Operates all editing and recording equipment.  Exercises proper editorial judgment in preparation of news stories.  Shoots news stories as assigned. Gathers content for and other KATV social media platforms.

Requirements:  Formal education equivalent of a high school diploma. Two years of college education with emphasis in Journalism. Related experience will be evaluated by department management and may be substituted on the basis of one year of experience equals one year of education.  One year of non-linear videotape editing experience.  Ability to operate technical equipment, such as recording/editing equipment.  Knowledge of journalistic standards as they relate to video presentation of news stories.  Ability to work well with others.

To Apply, or for more information:  All KATV applicants are required to fill out an application.  Please download at, complete and submit with resume to:

Human Resources Department


PO Box 77

Little Rock, AR 72203

Please no telephone inquires.  KATV-TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer.