Supporting Students Planning a Career in Mass Comm or Journalism
Supporting Future Arkansas Communicators

Arkansas Press Women awards a $1,000 scholarship each spring to an undergraduate student – male or female – who is planning a career in mass communications or journalism at an Arkansas college or university. 

Funding for this scholarship comes from APW’s Maudine Sanders Education Fund. Sanders, a previous owner of the Springdale Morning News, was a long-time member of Arkansas Press Women before her passing in 2011.

The deadline to apply for the 2024 scholarship is April 9, 2024. Download the scholarship application by clicking on the button below.

Two women standing next to each other. One is holding a certificate.

APW President Kristin Netterstrom Higgins stands with Alexandria Brown, recipient of APW’s 2021 college scholarship, at an awards event.



The applicant must be entering her/his undergraduate junior or senior year.

The student must also be attending a college or university within the state of Arkansas.



In choosing the recipient of the Arkansas Press Women Scholarship, the scholarship committee will give preference to the following applicants:

Students majoring in Journalism or Mass Communications

Students with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or better

Students who have published writing or broadcast examples

For more information, please free free to contact us at arkpresswomen@yahoo.com