In an effort to show U.S. solidarity for those journalists killed in the deadly terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, media organizations, including NFPW, have joined together, deploring this act and others that target freedom of expression.

As part of the campaign, Reporters Without Borders is circulating a petition calling on “politicians, civil society representatives and religious leaders with a concern for freedom to resist all those who would limit our most fundamental rights.”  NFPW members are encouraged to follow this link to sign the petition and to share with others in your communities.Reporters Without Borders has also issued an international appeal to media editors to begin publishing Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons.

NFPW’s First Amendment Network is fully committed to freedom of expression and information and working to see that neither censorship nor self-censorship be allowed to prevail.  The more we take an active role in efforts to oppose and condemn those who would threaten those rights, the louder our voice will be heard.

Je Suis Charlie!